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  "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to
themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."   George Bernard Shaw


EMERSON KENNEDY - Redmond, Washington, USA
Software Development and Consulting
June 18, 2004
Emerson Kennedy has been working closely with Adina Riposan and her company ContactNet for well over a year, and the work she has performed has been invaluable to us. Ms. Riposan was instrumental in solving the financial, cultural, and logistical issues which have arisen as our company selected sites, negotiated contracts, staffed, and eventually opened offices in several countries across Europe. Opening an office in one foreign country can be a pressured affair, let alone opening several concurrently…
Her friendly approach to our queries and concerns has helped find paths through some very rough spots and handle the numerous crises that always seem to emerge. She has also consistently worked with our US staff to find innovative money saving solutions satisfying our needs, helping us to satisfy our clients far beyond their expectations. She has followed up on promises made to staff, and held her teams to their promises…
Most significantly, Ms.Riposan listens well to the needs of our staff I believe she has managed to get to the root of issues effectively so help us meet our goals, not simply check off tasks in a disinterested fashion…


Paul K. Bryant

ARIES - Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industries
We hereby acknowledge our long and rewarding collaboration with CONTACT NET company, to which we have been partners in developing the communication project "xxi Solutions - Competitive Management for the Informational Society".
Our collaboration started based on CONTACT NET experience in business development, media and communication field, as well as the early success of the e&mGlobal Perspective on-line magazine, which CONTACT NET has been edited since December 2000 in both Romanian and English languages…
Therefore, we are happy to recommend CONTACT NET company to any potential partners for initiating and developing projects in the editorial, communication and business development areas…

Alexandru BORCEA

Millenium Communications
The initiation of the Romanian Web Sites contest INTERNETICS Festival, in 2001, has been the event that occasioned the first partnership with CONTACT NET Consulting company, which later proved to be one mutual rewarding long-run collaboration opportunity.
CONTACT NET has co-operated with Millenium Communications in the initiation and organization of the INTERNETICS Festival - first edition, as Specialist Consultant, in charge with business development, funds raising, business & communication relationships establishment, negotiation and contracting.
We hereby recommend CONTACT NET to any company interested in developing VISIONARY and CHALLENGING projects, and look for a partner for developing and managing the business process.

Andrei Bortun

ATTR - Romanian Technical Foundrymen Association
WFO Member (World Foundrymen Organization)
March 10, 2003
The integration of the Romanian Technical Foundrymen Association (ATTR) within the Internet space has been achieved in 2002 with the support and direct assistance of CONTACT NET company.
Our collaboration started by the web development of web site, to outline the profile, activity and performances of our national association within the digital media, as well as the connection to the World Foundrymen Association (WFO) -
Based on this initial project, ATTR and CONTACT NET have established a long run partnership for continuing the updating, upgrading and the development of our Internet site.
We have also benefited from the project management and business development experience of CONTACT NET in our efforts to extend our international operations, as well as the attempt to enter the B2B international frame…

Prof.Dr.Ing.Iulian Riposan

We are honored to confirm our excellent collaboration with the company CONTACT NET, which was a loyal partner in much business development, media and communication projects.
Our partnership started December 2000, when CONTACT NET launched online magazine e&mGlobal Perspective (in Romanian and English languages), which by its integrated content was meant to provide a link of transparency and accuracy concerning Oracle Romania business evolution and Oracle's product and services. The magazine was a pioneer on the Romanian online publishing market, offering a broad range of information presented in an objective manner, challenging but still realistic, designed to form, inform and educate the Romanian business community.
The very good collaboration was extended after the launching of the "xxi Solutions - Competitive Management for the Informational Society", a monthly printed magazine edited in Romanian language, which was also posted on the Web in both English and Romanian Languages.
Oracle's performances in the Internet field were very effectively promoted by CONTACT NET at INTERNETICS 2001 - the first Internet festival in Romania, where Oracle participated as sponsor and has presented its Oracle9i Portal Solutions…

Radu Crahmaliuc
Marketing Representative

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