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  "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to
themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."   George Bernard Shaw

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xxi Solutions

  "xxi Solutions - Competitive Management for the Informational Society"

One year after the launch of the on-line magazine, CONTACT NET extended its publishing activity in December 2001 by putting on the market, together with ARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industries), the periodical magazine "xxi Solutions - Competitive Management for the Informational Society".

The new magazine was worked out in printed format (Rom version), and distributed free of charge on a monthly basis. Moreover, since its very launching, the magazine was also present on the Internet, in both English and Romanian languages, at

The Mission set for the new publication was to meet some requirements which were not fully covered on the Romanian market, namely to provide the Top Management segment in Romania with a clearer view on the series of benefits that the new Internet and IT&C solutions could bring to the development of management systems within all fields of activity (Financial, Commercial, Education, Human Resources), in the context of the new Information Society.

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