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  "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to
themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."   George Bernard Shaw

e&m Global Perspective
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  e&m Global Perspective

Since December 2000, CONTACT NET has been the editor of the on-line magazine e&mGlobal Perspective ( (Rom & Engl versions), which by its integrated content was meant to provide a link of transparency and accuracy to updated information. The Magazine offers to all those interested in E-Business, IT & Communications a broad range of information presented in an objective manner, challenging but still realistic, designed to form, inform and educate the target in an area where any decision could prove financially vital.

The on-line magazine e&mGlobal Perspective has been designed to get at corners of the audience within the business and INTERNAUTS' media, providing topical interest subjects to a representative target - the influential business scene, opinion leaders, decision-makers and persons in charge for investments, as well as high academic environment and specialist commenters. A wide range of topical subjects are presented and commented, revealing business opportunities, beforehand strategic details, information of educational value and professional implementation guidance. Beside informing in depth about IT markets, competing products and services, comments on major events are also present, market studies and latest news on legislation and fiscal issues, proving of high impact on the considered areas.

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