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  "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to
themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."   George Bernard Shaw


European PACS -

IMAGING & GRID - Images, Medical Analysis & Grid Environments

2003: CONTACT NET initiated the European HealthGrid project proposal

Continual RESEARCH & TRAINING for best practice and improved diagnosis in RADIOLOGY & MEDICAL IMAGES ANALYS
Tele-radiology network for professional collaboration & training


1. To create a Virtual Organization (VO) - consisting of resources, services, and people collaborating across institutional, geographical, and political boundaries.
2. To build a Grid Portal in order to provide a gateway for linking all of these elements together, and a friendly interface to the users.

Grid Portal = User/Virtual Organization (VO) interface to the Grid

  The project aims to provide radiologists and physicians a GRID-enabled computer-aided diagnosis, collaborative work and information management platform, to create a reliable and interactive way to store, process and communicate 3D images (standards compatible) and metadata => among all physiology and radiology
departments involved from Europe-wide hospitals and medical research institutes.

Our particular interest is: - To study the SECURITY ASPECTS of the GRID architecture, the implementation of the Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI), Credential Management using Users credentials and Proxy Certificates (GSI extension to X.509 certificates), with the final aim to provide specific services and mechanisms such as Enrolment, Authentication & Authorization (fine-grained security based on roles, security group policies), single sign-on, delegation of rights, dynamic naming of services, Identity mapping between the Virtual Organisation (VO) IDs and local IDs - all these tailored for the specific health cross-border environment; - To study the potential convergence with the MOBILE BUSINESS infrastructures.

The GRID PORTAL will hide the complexity of the underlying Grid infrastructure that will make the VO possible. Furthermore, the Grid Portal will provide value-added services with Web interfaces tailored to the specific applications that are most important to our particular VO, collaborative tools, easier use of resources. The web-based portal will provide a customizable user environment and will act as a gateway between users and services.

Growing infrastructure complexity means diminished usability. But ultimately end-users want to be hidden from technical or implementation specific details of Grids.

Further on, Portlets are the driving concept to deliver reusable web functionality. Core aspects of grid portlets include security, job execution, file management/data transfer and providing resource information. The newly projected Portlets that we propose to develop will be tailored to the specific applications already included in the project and will act as friendly user interfaces integrated into the global Grid Portal container.

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